Queen Bee Visits The Hive…

18 07 2012

The sky is fifty shades of grey and it’s tipping it down again. I honestly don’t recall such an eternally dismal ‘summer’ as this.

‘The Shire’ is awash, its landscape engulfed in a sea of lush green vegetation. I’ve dialled 999 for the ‘tree surgeon’, to operate on our conifers, and hawthorn hedges that are spiralling skywards – out of control. He’s currently sheltering in his van, nursing a mug of tea (with three sugars).    

Although you would never guess from the weather, the end of the academic year is nigh and we stand on the verge of  the school summer holidays. Our Italian ‘lodger’, Valeria, is on an end of term class trip to ‘Cadbury World’ today. Hopefully, she’ll return laden with free samples!

This evening, we’ll attempt to cheer ourselves with a bar-snack at the ‘Rose & Crown’ – Severn Stoke – if it’s not, yet, floated away downstream.

It will be a farewell meal. After seven months, Valeria is returning to sun drenched Bologna. It will be too hot, at 38 degrees, she tells us. She is now used to, and rather likes our temperate English climate. Well there is no accounting for taste!     

Chris has just returned from her final Italian class. There was not quite the same buzz of excitement this week, as last, when the Queen (with the grand old D of E in tow) popped into their lesson, during her Royal Worcester visit.

The Queen, still in the pink despite her never-ending Diamond Jubilee road-show, had just officially opened the ‘the Hive’, and was receiving a guided tour, when she happened upon their study area.

HM did exchange a few private words with Chris. If I told you what was said, I’d have to kill you… or more likely she’d kill me.  

‘The Hive’, ten years in the making, is the first joint university and public library service facility in Europe. The landmark, ‘honey comb’, building is a distinctive and imaginatively designed public space. It houses a quarter of a million books, over 26,000 records, and 12 miles of original archive documents.            

Hopefully there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel. I have heard the words ‘heat wave’ whispered in hushed tones by weather forecasters.

I certainly hope so. I’m off to The Oval this weekend, for the First Test between England and South Africa, and in just nine days time the greatest show on earth will be upon us.  

Talking of which, surprisingly, there is still limited availability for certain events. If the sun’s going to shine, I might just browse the official London 2012 web-site and see if I can pick up a golden ticket for the women’s beach volleyball…    




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