Food for thought…

7 01 2012

Food for Thought (for the day):

Who was a radio Bond, the voice behind the Generation Game, the subject of a renowned urban myth re the ‘Baker St’ sax solo, and allowed a whole generation of students to take the ‘P’?

Bob Holness (1928–2012) – Rest In ‘P’ce

By all accounts a thoroughly nice man.


‘Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.’

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)



‘Never eat more than you can lift.’

Miss Piggy (1974 – )



Having been pathetically disorganised on the the ticket front, for this weekend’s big games, I found myself stranded at home willing 3rd round FA Cup success for the ‘Tricky Trees’ against Leicester ‘Foxes’, and Cheltenham ‘Robins’ at White Hart Lane; and a Premiership win for ‘Glawster’ v  the ‘Warriors’ at Sixways.

Valeria, our Italian guest, is settling in after her arrival. She seems really sweet and terribly worried that her English will not be good enough. It’s actually perfectly fine and just a tad better than my Italian!

Given my unexpected availability for kitchen duties, I drew the short straw and suddenly I’m chef for tonight’s meal, which always seems to be the case when we have Italian visitors. Chris slips into her, ‘You’re good at pasta…’ routine, ‘…Why don’t you knock up a ‘Puttanesca’ or ‘Norma’?’     

Being a sucker for flattery she knows I can’t resist trying out what have jokingly become known as my ‘signature dishes’ on poor unsuspecting Italians, and then fishing for compliments in a most unseemly fashion!

It was to be ‘Puttanesca’. A ‘puttanesca’, in Italian, is what ‘St Delia’ quaintly calls ‘A Lady of the Night’, whereas ‘Domestic Goddess’ Nigella refers to the dish, more directly, as ‘Whore’s Spaghetti’.

Being a mere man I confess to a liking for the curvaceous Nigella, and I find her ‘Express’ recipes really straight forward and easy to follow. I raise this purely for the benefit of journalistic ‘Gem’ who recently subjected me to a feminist rant about Nigella’s ‘over sexualisation of food’. Here she is dripping with caramel, just for you ‘Gem’. She’s a ‘sweety’ really!  🙂

Anyway ‘Gem’ is now on extremely dodgy ground having announced to all and sundry, on ‘Facebook’ earlier this week, that her latest ‘Love it!’ Magazine assignment was at ‘an erotic bakery, to learn how to make X-rated cupcakes.’  Whatever happened to my little girl?  🙂

I digress. Valeria doesn’t eat anything with eyes so, as anchovies are integral to ‘Puttanesaca’ and Pasta alla Norma is totally ‘veggie’, Jamie’s ‘Norma’ won the day!

It seems my prevarication over match tickets was well placed!

‘Glaws’ went down 21-15, with ‘old boy’ Marcel Garvey slipping over for a winning Worcester try.

Forest were held to a goalless draw and now have a replay which  they can well do without, given a paper thin squad and their current precarious position in the Championship.

And Cheltenham lost 3-0 to Spurs, but I guess they probably would have settled for that before the kick-off. I hope my Cheltonian friends enjoyed their grand day out – the biggest in the town’s football history!

Apparently the only success story today seems to have been the ‘Norma’! ‘Buona, buona,’ by all accounts, and Valeria even ate ‘seconds’ – the biggest ‘complemente’ of all 





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