Autumn Almanac

4 09 2011

“From the dew-soaked hedge creeps a crawly caterpillar,

When the dawn begins to crack.

It’s all part of my Autumn Almanac…”


Autumn has been knocking on the door for some weeks now. I’m not quite sure what happened to those crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer?   

School’s back in tomorrow so what better time to take a holiday – just because, after all these years, we can!    

Chris and I will be spending the next couple of weeks drinking the last of the summer wine, and hopefully catching the last of the summer rays, en France.

I was reminded today that I hadn’t posted since 18th August. Well at least one follower has missed my journalistic endeavours!

The only excuse I can offer is that I have been absorbed by the Twitter-sphere. I decided to tentatively enter the world of tweeting about six weeks ago and within no time I was singing like a bird on a wire. In essence, the time I would normally have spent ‘blogging’ has been swallowed up, feeding my Twitter addiction.

Yes, I confess, I’ve become a slave to the quick fix world of micro blogging, in less than 140 characters. But while, at different turns, it has been interesting and informative, frenetic and funny, entertaining and exhilarating, in all honesty I’ve never found it quite as satisfying as posting Pipedreams from the Shire!

Following a session in rehab across la Manche, a period of self-imposed exile from online social networking, I intend to return to my old habit of publishing Pipedreams on a regular (at least weekly) basis – like it or not!    

Look out for ‘French letters’ (coming soon – to be posted wb 19th Sept) a somewhat tongue in cheek review (complete with Gallic shrugs) of our latest vacance en France. Bet you can’t wait – nor can I!                

By the way, having just checked out next week’s weather forecast for ‘the Shire’ it looks like France could be une bonne option.

À bientôt!

“Breeze blows leaves of a musty yellow colour,

So I sweep them in my sack.

It’s all part of my Autumn Almanac… 

Tea and toasted, buttered current buns

Can’t compensate for lack of sun

Because the summer’s all gone 


Oh, my poor rheumatic back

Yes, yes, yes, it’s my autumn almanac…”


(Raymond Douglas Davies – 1967)  







One response

5 09 2011

Welcome back, I was getting withdrawal symptoms without my daily dose of early morning erudition!
Enjoy the vin rouge, and gather a few anecdotes. Bon vacance, G.

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