‘Back to Black’ – Amy Winehouse ‘Forever 27’…

24 07 2011

Further to my post ‘What’s in a name…or number’,  this  made me laugh , (‘ i on Saturday’ – The Saturday Matrix P2):

“New Zealand has cracked down on bizarre baby names, turning down three sets of parents who tried to call their newborns Lucifer. The move comes after bad press caused by a boy named Number 16 Bush Shelter.”  

Later the same afternoon, along with the more sombre breaking news of the shocking, but not totally surprising, death of Amy Winehouse, it was the number 27 that came to the fore.

This immensely talented but tortured soul, a jewish girl from north London, had been found dead in her Camden flat, having sadly succumbed to her own inner demons.  

Amy, a five time Grammy award winner, for her second album ‘Back to Black’, is now guaranteed iconic status along with the other influential blues/rock and roll legends in the  ‘Forever 27 Club’ : Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.  


Amy Winehouse, a singer-songwriter with a unique, instantly recognisable vocal style, will long be remembered for her music, an eclectic mix of R&B, gospel, soul and jazz.

She was troubled and tormented, famously infamous for her ongoing battles with alcohol, anorexia and drugs; the latest in a line of great musicians, whose flawed personalities, and addictive natures have proved both a source of creative inspiration and, ultimately, self-destruction.     

“Over futile odds

And laughed at by the gods

And now the final frame

Love is a losing game”

Amy Jade Winehouse (1983-2011): ‘Love Is a Losing game’

* A week after Amy’s death, ‘Back to Black’ returned to the top of the UK album charts, with her debut album ‘Frank’ also charting at No.5 Five singles re-entered the Top 40.





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